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Adult Apron - Cotton - Betty

Adult Apron - Cotton - Betty

Adult Apron - Cotton - Betty

A beautiful shaped apron inspired by the beautiful and shapely Betty Grable. This Apron uses three printed designs to great effect. The main apron has a cream background with a floral and paisley pattern. The floral print has red roses around 4.5cm across which are surrounded by five or six stylised flowers varying from the most delicate at less the 2cms to the most extravagant at almost the same size as the main roses. The flowers are a combination of pinks, yellow, turquoise and red and the whole design is held together by a tapestry of swirling green and yellow foliage.

On the right of the apron (if you are wearing it) is a small pocket about 38cm from the neck line. It is semicircular and has a maximum depth of 12cms. The main body of the pocket is in the second pattern which has the same floral design as on the main body, but this time on a turquoise background. The pocket is finished with a delicate piping in the 3rd pattern which is a simple light green with white polka dot.

This light green polka dot cloth is used on the first of two delightful frills which really set off this apron giving it a very retro feminine feel. This first frill is 52cms from the neck line and is 15cm wide, running the whole width of the skirt. Beneath this frill the cloth changes to the secondary turquoise cloth, which is then gathered at the bottom to form another frill

Betty Grable was known for her iconic bathing suit photograph which made her the No 1 pin up of WWII. She was reputed to have the best legs in Hollywood which legend has it were insured for $1000000 by her studio. So why not indulge in a bit of glamour in your own kitchen and treat yourself to a Betty Apron.

The neck and waist ties are in the main fabric design and are a generous 5cm wide. The neck ties are 65cm long each, so plenty of room for adjustment or an indulgent bow, and the waist ties are a longer 68cm each to fit all figures.

100% Cotton

Machine washable.

Size: 54cm wide x 82 cm long.

TAS3273UW £15.75

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